Covid-19 Creative Community Grant

Covid-19 Creative Community Grant Application Instructions

All information can be saved on the site. But we recommend you draft your longer questions in word and cut and paste. There are word limits for each question. You must fill in all required information in order to submit.

Application Section I: Contact Information

  1. Phone numbers must be typed in this format:111-111-1111
  2. Websites must follow this format including the

Application II: Longer Questions

Letters of Recommendation (Support Letters)

Applicants must show support by submitting a minimum of one letter or recommendation (support) through our automated email process.

  1. Fil  in the name and email of your contact from whom you are requesting a recommendation
  2.  It is not required but you may customize an email to them
  3.  Your contact must register on the site and answer three questions.
  4. When they submit their email it is automatically added to your application. 
  5. You may submit additional letters of recommendation but this is not required. You will not be able to submit until at least one letter of recommendation has been received.

Supplementary Materials

  1. Supplementary materials are optional. If you do not have any you may proceed to submit.


  1. Make sure to double check your application. Once you submit you will not be able to make changes.
  2. Click Submit.
  3. You will receive an email receipt of submission.